New Power Girl

Last week I was contacted by the guys from The Gutters, thanks to my good friend Anthony Marques. They needed a illustration Powergirl with the old and the new costume for one of their gags. This is the pencil drawing. You can check the awesome final colored image on their website ->
While you’re there, browse through the pages, it’s a great and very funny website.



Sketch I did for a student last month. His sketchbook has a “worse villain ever” theme. I decided to choose not a worse as in lame, but as in more evil. I was between Darkseid and Thanos, I went DC this time.


Finished this sample cover this past weekend. I was going for the full body, posing kinda look because when it’s done I want use as a print for next year comic cons. So I have to ink and color next. I’m a fan of Bucky Captain America and the Steve Rogers Super Soldier. Click for a full view!