Sketch I did for a student last month. His sketchbook has a “worse villain ever” theme. I decided to choose not a worse as in lame, but as in more evil. I was between Darkseid and Thanos, I went DC this time.


Veronica Lodge

This is a contribution piece I did with Archie All Star Fernando Ruiz Everybody! The idea came out from a conversation we had of how much I love the old look Veronica had. We decided to combine them in to a single image. Fernando penciled this great image which I inked and colored. Click for the full view.


Finished this sample cover this past weekend. I was going for the full body, posing kinda look because when it’s done I want use as a print for next year comic cons. So I have to ink and color next. I’m a fan of Bucky Captain America and the Steve Rogers Super Soldier. Click for a full view!

Cut & Grad

Cut and Grad is a technique used to color comics, it’s very common but effective. These are a few of my demos done in class. We also follow a very specific color scheme for each assignment at this point. Last year we worked analogous, this year we’re doing either complementary or triadic – primary or secondary. I like to work with the few samples of the Walking Dead pages by Tony Moore, because they don’t have large areas of black, so it’s up to the student to choose the light source.

It begins again!


My blog is back! Still not fully completed, more like 33% of what I want to have, but it’s a start. I think it’s better to put something out first and then work my way to make it better then keep trying to have everything I want before publishing. So keep checking, I’ll have new areas, sketches, news, and well… a little bit of everything from now on. You can still find me at my Facebook and Deviantart page (links on the side).
Thank you!